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Contacted my "Critters"...


I sent this yesterday to Kay Bailey Hutchison...

--- Quote ---Dearest Senator Hutchison,

I am quite scared of our current financial situation in America, but I strongly feel that any support of this proposed "bailout" will make things worse.  The Federal Reserve already has too much power (a very hot button topic in my circle) and allowing them to write a check to put the United States further into debt will only make things worse.  Yes, things can get bad if these debts aren't covered.  However, I feel that in the long run, things will be worse.

I find it funny that when the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae situation arose, the "government" (not was the Federal Reserve) took it over without batting an eye.  The bill for that is in the trillions of dollars.  Now, we're quibbling over $700 Billion and it's more of an issue?

In my opinion, enough is enough.  I'm tired of, as a taxpayer, having further financial burden for the mistakes made by overpayed, unwatched executives as well as an "entity" in the form of the Federal Reserve that has no interest in me as an American but rather in their own interests in making money.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Senator.  Please for the love of our country, do not let this buyout go through.  Our country will go through a very rough patch, but I honestly feel this will happen regardless of the outcome of this "bailout".  We either face it now or be burdened by greater debt and simply delay the inevitable.

This "bailout" package totals $700 billion dollars.  This means that every taxpayer is going to be "on the hook" for something in over $100,000.  Instead of "fixing" the problem by giving money to these corporate giants that messed things up in the first place...  Why not give each taxpayer $100,000 to allow them to refinance their mortgages (which is what is really causing the problems) or for those who are not in homes, use the money as a downpayment on a new home.  I honestly feel that doing this would bolster the US Economy far better than holding up these criminal corporations who allowed the bad debt to pile up in the first place.

Let the taxpayers know that YOU know the $400-600 "stimulus" we get each year isn't going to be enough anymore.  Why not make everyone better off by MAKING THEM BETTER OFF?

Food for thought, Senator.

Thank you for your time.

--Daniel Tanner
  Round Rock, TX
--- End quote ---

Copied the same text to my other Senator and my House Rep this morning...

Though it might be too late, also give them a call or stop into a local office if you get a chance.

One of my college friends worked for Rep. Joe Pitts in PA.  She said that their order of acknowledging contact was:

In Person
Phone Call

She said that email could be sent so easily that the volume was too much to deal with quickly so it could take time for them to get to it.  With showing up at an office or calling, they have to address you as soon as you get through.

LOL...What stinks is that I'm not nearly as articulate in a voice conversation as I am in written communications.  I prefer to compose my words, as I find I can more effectively convey my thoughts.  I can hold my own in a typical conversation, but if it comes to more of a debate, I tend to flounder just because I can't properly formulate my thoughts and ideas properly and have to backtrack because I think of a better way of saying something.  Usually gets me in trouble w/ my wife because I typically say the first thing that comes to mind.  =-o

I sent emails yesterday as well. I used of of those sites that has a pre-canned message. All you have to do fill out your name and address.
They figure out who your representatives are. Lazy I know, but still effective.

-- Jeremy


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