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been looking at Murs lately and cant seem to find a real advantage over gmrs since it seems to be regulated at 2 watts vs 5 watts for gmrs any thoughts on gmrs vs murs?

[Disclaimer: I am the new TSP advertiser - MURS Radio]  ;D

GMRS requires a license - $85 for a five year term. License covers immediate and extended family. No business communications for new licensees.

MURS is license free - personal and business communications are OK

GMRS can use repeaters *if available* to extend range. The "bubble pack" radios sold at Walmart, etc. cannot be programmed to use repeaters. You would need to use commercial grade radios in order to enable repeater use. The "bubble pack" radios do not have removable antennas to attach external antennas to increase range and often do not actually put out 5 watts when tested.

MURS does not allow repeaters. External antennas are allowed to increase their range.

GMRS uses UHF which has a shorter wavelength. This allows better penetration into large buildings.

MURS uses VHF which is a longer wavelength. Tends to work better outdoors and over hilly terrain.

GMRS frequencies can be congested in many areas. Not usually a problem if you are away from populated areas.

MURS use on the first three frequencies tends to be sparse. Fairly heavy use of the last two channels in populated areas as businesses tend to use them.

Hope that helps. Depending upon how and where you want to use the radios is the best way to determine which one you should choose.

- Rob

Wow, great response, Rob, beat me to it - and included a couple of things I did not know.

Pinning this one to the top for others who may have questions.

Thanks Rob, +1 to you. ;)

One thing to remember is that even though MURS maybe superior in many ways. It is useless if the party you want to contact does not have one. I chose GMRS because it is relatively cheap, and widely available. The money I have saved vs. MURS will be spent on other important purchases. I gave my brother my older FRS set of radios.  I can communicate with him on them because my GRMS has some shared channels with the FRS frequencies. This setup is a low cost alternative that I will use.


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