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So my son had an accident almost 2 years ago.  My insurance had an accident forgiveness thing.  Then just over a year ago, my wife had an accident and the car insurance went through the roof.  Just the other day my daughter got her license just last week.  I added her to the insurance and it was going to go up $400 a month.  That's without a car and is not acceptable.  So I started shopping for insurance.

My old insurance had roadside assistance and some of the other companies don't include that into their quotes.  I know I want roadside assistance, my son's at college and not overly mechanically inclined,  not to mention I don't want my wife or daughter stuck on the side of the road in the rain changing a flat.

So any of you have roadside assistance not from your insurance company?  Anyone have anything other than AAA?

We've had triple A for 30 years. Has been excellent for us.   They are the big dog by far.  No matter where you are, there will be an AAA affiliated service provider. And their RV add-on is nearly equivalent to Good SAM Club's offering if that matters to you. Is there a reason you aren't interested in them?

I would ask for quotes with roadside added. They may offer it although they didn't quote it. Some companies cover it with all policies as a perk. These are all 'roadside' and will not come to home.


--- Quote from: iam4liberty on September 01, 2020, 08:21:29 PM ---Is there a reason you aren't interested in them?

--- End quote ---
Nope, just looking for options.

--- Quote from: Oakie on September 02, 2020, 12:28:15 PM ---I would ask for quotes with roadside added.

--- End quote ---
Yep, I did that.  But I want to see what else is out there.  I'm seeing prices from about $10/driver to $30/driver.  I know that AAA is about that same price, so...

We've had USAA insurance forever... they are the best prices we have found and do have roadside assistance available. It used to be that only US military officers and their families could get it, but they have opened it up to many others now...


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