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The Irishman


David in MN:
I really wanted to like this film. Joe Peschi came out of retirement. But...

3.5 hours of watching octogenarian mobsters drive their wives around the east coast only to learn that a degenerate mobster killed Hoffa (who hasn't mattered in my lifetime) was a real snooze. And being a Scorsese film it's clear once again he has no attraction to women, only old Cadillacs and Lincolns. I'm perfectly comfortable with an all male cast as Lawrence of Arabia is my favorite film and I get that there weren't a lot of female fighters in WWI in the desert but to extend the Irishman so long just so your only female characters could have non-roles of kvetching about cigarette breaks on a car ride and ignoring their estranged dad while working as a bank teller after the film is basically over was a loser.

If you enjoy 3.5 hours of garbage surfer music and crappy 70s cars only to learn a mobster shot Hoffa this could be the film for you. It's so milktoast by the end you're ready to kill Hoffa just to end it.

Wanted to like this but this was no Casino. Maybe it belies a generational gap because unless you lived it Jimmy Hoffa just didn't matter. And what little I know of him I was SHOCKED he was killed by the mob (not really). As always with film it's subjective. My opinions are worth the price.

3 1/2 hrs! in one setting not 2? That's a turn off right there. Yeah I recall Hoffa disappearing but only that. I hadn't decided if I wanted to watch this but you've pretty much decided me. Ain't doin' it.

David in MN:

--- Quote from: Redman on December 17, 2019, 06:56:40 AM ---3 1/2 hrs! in one setting not 2? That's a turn off right there. Yeah I recall Hoffa disappearing but only that. I hadn't decided if I wanted to watch this but you've pretty much decided me. Ain't doin' it.

--- End quote ---

Maybe I'm wrong (I'd secretly like to be because I usually enjoy this genre and these actors and why not love a Scorsese mob movie) but this landed flat. Took 3 days to watch and while back in the day these films could really draw me in watching fictional Ray Liota characters spin out of control or Joe Peschi get beat to death in a cornfield this just didn't hit the mark.

I think the greatest crime scene of all time comes from the Godfather where Pacino is getting the gun and all you hear is the train because anybody who has done a crime knows that feeling of tunnel vision and your heart pounding as you make the final choice to go through with it. In that moment we all feel the deep confliction and concern Michael faces and any audience member would be conflicted if we could walk into scene and honestly half our brain would want to hold him back but the other half would want to tell him to go plug that copper.

It's the same feeling I get when I see Ray Liotta switching cars manically and Lorraine Brocco is dropping a pistol in her panties. You get the "spiralling out of control" vibe. I also think one of the best performances was Matt Damon in The Departed. I could not care less about the Irish mafia in Boston but the look when he knows he's in it is priceless.

This one just didn't ring that bell. YMMV.

David in MN:
And mom agreed with me this was a letdown. Her actual text was tooooooo looooooong. And if you can't get the daughter and grandson of a union Chicago Tribune printer excited about a mob union flick maybe you're slipping. This one just didn't have the "secret sauce".

I usually only post positive reviews because I do art and I hate the haters but this was a metric ton of money grabbing all the greats out of retirement for one more mob flick that didn't hit (at least in my family). I'm not happy to say this but the damn thing takes half a day to watch. If they really wanted to dig into the shady union stuff from the east coast, Pennsylvania, Detroit, and Chicago they left a lot of meat on the bone. I'm not the smartest man alive but this whole caper was low rent wise-guys? If we want to do this let's get some mayors in the question.

3-1/2 hours? And a dog at that? Sad, agree re' getting the actors out of retirement, like Heat should have been great given the cast.
BTW, the last 3.5 hour movie I watched was Branagh's Hamlet. In the theater too. Movies that long are a rarity. Good ones that long are almost non-existent.


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