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Wealth Tax?

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It seems like non leftists need to be more engaged. They need to oppose the left, oppose censorship , propaganda and what the left is up to. They need people out there pointing out the problems with hard core socialism throughout history.

But they’re not engaged. I think I saw the title of a recent spirko podcast topic was something like why the impeachment doesn’t effect your life when in reality it seems like a most corrupt tactic of the left

Non leftists  don’t care enough about censorship, propaganda or any of it. Young people are buying into the leftist stuff and if they come to power in a few years then you will be paying for it or may suffer

The Warren campaign is pushing back hard on the above quote saying it is fake.  Check for yourself:

Well, lying about statements shebmade didnt work, either for taxes or about her kids going to public school (they didnt).  Wonder what she will try next?
Support for Elizabeth Warren nosedives after wealth tax gambit

The more Warren's talked about the details, the less support she's earned.

A RealClearPolitics average of national primary polls Thursday placed Warren in third place, at 14.2% support, behind Sanders, at 15.6%, and 77-year-old Biden, leading the pack at 27.8%.

That spread is a dramatic reversal from two months ago when Warren was in a statistical tie for first place with Biden. At the time, Warren was 0.3 percentage points behind Biden, with 26% support, compared to his 26.3%.

Since then, Warren has faced a cascade of polls showing her support in free fall. A Morning Consult survey taken Oct. 7-12 found Warren at 21%. By late November, the same organization found her support at 15%. A CNN survey taken at the same time found Warren earning 14% of support.

Early nominating states are a particular concern for Warren.

David in MN:
California is testing the waters by debating a "wealth tax" that is backdated and can't be avoided by moving out.

I don't know how that's even enforceable.

California (and some other states) used to tax pensions, IRA, 401k, etc. even if the retiree left the state a long time before actual retirement.

The taxes were a nightmare.  Imagine a professional sports figure.  Under the previous CA pension / deferred compensation laws, the athlete would have to keep track of how much was earned in CA, and the profit/build up from such, as well as in every other state they worked.  A nightmare.

It took an act of Congress to kill such taxes.


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