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David in MN:
I must recommend a survival story film I enjoyed last night. Arctic is an incredible story.

I'm not recommending because it was great but because it is the first time I've seen a survival story where the hero does everything right. It's not the usual stranded archetype. This guy clearly knows what he is doing. It takes someone experienced in cold weather to see but at every turn he makes the best choices in an incredibly grim situation.

Be warned it is essentially one man against the elements so there is little dialogue beyond him cursing his luck but if there was a manual for arctic survival you could do worse than watching this movie.

I'm avoiding all spoilers and his decisions and tactics are what make the film. He does a couple things I wouldn't think of.

Thanks, I usually avoid fiction but seeing as you say it's full of good survival tips I'll buy it on your recommendation..:)

David in MN:
The map management and "where to find survivor" tags alone are worth the view. I'm not ruining anything by telling that he leaves notes of his travel intentions markered on the side of his downed aircraft.

It's not an easy watch. It's pretty grim. But at every point something goes wrong he stops and reasseses. That was almost mind blowing. I've lived cold climate my whole life and what he did in the last scene would never in a million years occur to me but you see it and it makes complete sense.

Well I just watched my new Arctic DVD and although it was entertaining, the script annoyingly didn't tell us how long he'd been waiting for rescue at the plane crash site, whether he'd filed a flight plan, how far he was from civilisation etc.

Just watched the movie. It was great. Happens that I just finished reading "Deep Survival" about two days ago. A lot of stuff in the book was brought out in the movie. Had a friend a few years back that was a bush pilot in Alaska. He told me flight plans are good for when you start and when you should finish but many times planes had to fly around major storms which put them off their flight plan. It was not uncommon to find wreckage that had been missing for many years. 


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