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The Great War


David in MN:
Just got into this one. The Great War channel on YOutube.

The host does weekly shows (yes there are hundreds) of a week by week play by play of WWI in about 10 minute videos that summarize the war. There are also videos outside the proper channel which focus on specific topics of WWI. I'm just finishing 1914 and I find it fascinating. He also partners for some videos to highlight weapons, tactics, camo, etc. It's very informative and digestible as it is well presented.

I'll confess that while I know more than most of WWI (I can name the countries) much of the history eludes me despite my great grandfather having served in the trenches. It's glossed over in school history despite being the root cause of all our modern political problems.

This channel is an undertaking. Lots of content. But I think the casual historian will much enjoy the summary of the war. Fascinating how a plot of Austria-Hungary to annex little Serbia plunged the world to war. And fascinating how those in power assumed an 1800s European land war and didn't pay attention to the grueling and bloodthirsty American Civil War (which wasn't a civil war but that's beside the point). If you want a richer understanding of the war this channel could rival a PhD course. There are some dark images. But it was a world war. Not appropriate for young kids but a teen interested in history would be well served.

Wait till they start with the cooperative (among several YT channels )  WWII project!

BTW,  I do like this channel.  Watched many special off the Timeline episodes. And the concept and presentation makes good for the project. If it wasn't for "indie" and his style,  the channel might be boring.

Smurf Hunter:
will check it out.  I'm a Dan Carlin fan and listened to his multi-hour podcast on the topic.

I also read Barbara Tuchman's book "Guns of August" a few months before the centennial. 

Ya big fan of Dan Carlin's hardcore history.

I'll check out this new channel also. Thanks for the heads up!


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