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Leave No Trace - An impressive movie


It'll be hard to find in many places but it's well worth your time.

It's a story about a homeless vet and his 12 year-old daughter (13 in the movie, whatever) that were found living (thriving) in Forest Park in Portland Oregon in the early 2000's. They are removed by police and DHS and encouraged to join the "normal world". This is a fictional account of how things work out but it's a great story and the images are excellent.

Personally: I remember when this was in the news and it pissed me off then but it fell off my radar as so many things do given some time. Now, when homelessness is in the news daily in this part of the world it really hit home. In some areas we have a large number campers/trailers/car camping etc (in addition to the normal tents and street campers)
This also hits home for me from a self-reliant and leave us the **** alone standpoint. The nature scenes work for me as well, it's picture perfect of the areas I like to spend time in.


Based on the book -

I remember this also. When I was over the road a lot I recall all the homeless people that come into the rest areas after dark and set up camp on the picnic tables. Some states adopted a "no open flame law" in the rest areas to try to put a stop to some of this. A driver I sometimes ran with was given a $325 ticket for trying to cook a meal on a coleman stove to save money. There are no clear answers.

Black November:
I thought the movie started off good, but the ending wasn't very good. It just kinda stopped and didn't really tie anything together.

Better movie same idea
Captain Fantastic

Yeah, the ending was left more open then I prefer, but I thought it was appropriate as nobody actually knows what happened after they got away.

Thanks for the heads up on that movie, I'll check it out.



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