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Beeman Kodiak x2 dual barrel

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I was wondering if anyone has one of these & what your experience has been. What have you done as far as scope ring & scope upgrades? I'm new to pellet guns.

My daughter & son in-law got this for me for Christmas. I was like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story"!

I've only had time to shoot about 50 rds so far. Seemed pretty darn nice and fairly accurate at about 20yds.
I'm thinking a one piece scope mount with some Loctite is the upgrade needed first. Then I'll see if I need a little better scope.

This thing was louder than a 22lr btw. It doesn't bother me but I was very surprised. I haven't had an air rifle since I was about 12 & that was a bb gun. I was impressed with it's power in .22. I have not tried the .177. I want to set it up in 22 and maybe use it to make squirrel or rabbit dumplings next fall.

Had one and returned it,  could not get it to stay zeroed in.  Don't know if it was the cheap scope of the rifle itself, but after sitting over night, I had to zero it all over again so I returned it for a refund.  Then bought a Benjamin 392 which shoots almost as good as a match grade rifle.  Oh, and the reason yours is so loud is because of all the oil in it, once that gets blown out and burns away it will quiet down some - its known as dieseling where the high compression actually causes the oil to ignite.  Shot it after dark and you will see a small flame come out the muzzle !

The spring air guns need a very tough scope due to the nature of the stress of recoil while firing.
A centerfire rifle scope or quaility airgun scope ...but not a .22 scope as they often are damaged by spring-air action.
Some of the lightweight ,centerfire,scopes are also a good compromise.

Heavier pellets are my choice for any level of hunting.  Beeman has a good selection for starters.

Thanks. I have not had time to shoot it much. I did get a good one piece mount on it last time and zeroed it in good to about 25 yards. It did quiet down suddenly. I could smell the oil burning till about 70rds. I need to make time to test it more.

I was impressed with the 22 power. We shot right through thick metal cans with huge exit holes. The scope was very easy to zero but I haven't shot it enough to know how long it'll hold. I put the 22 barrel in very tight with alot of loctite so I'll have to shoot it more before I know. I'm sure the scope has to be cheap junk but I'm hoping the gun itself might be ok.
I wish it had some good iron sights on it. I'd be happy with that alone and a scope would be on my "someday list".

I'll probably be here asking about pellet gun scopes before long. :)

  A red dot ,electronic can be a good choice for both eyes open shooting and they are lightweight and survive well and provide good open view.


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