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Heavy Metal Tip .22 Pellets


I have always just used Crossman pellets from Walmart in my Beeman .22 and never spent extra on pellets.  Recently I had a raccoon problem and wanted to get something with more punch.  I purchased Skenco .22 Cal UltraMag Pellets Metal Tip 18.2 grains.  These things are great!  They shoot tighter groupings and have "killer" metal points along with the extra weight.  Every pellet seem to be perfect in shape and do not deform while handling like Crossman can.  Love these things and now I am spoiled and want to try their other pricey pellets.

Anyone else tried a good hunting pellet?

It's always surprised me that pellet technology seems to have been at a standstill for so long, I'd have thought the makers would have tried a variety of different metals, shapes etc.


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