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The Man in the High Castle - Amazon Original Series

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This series is loosely based on the novel which explores the alternate reality of the Allies losing WWII, with a dystopian US society split between the Nazis and Japan.  The first two episodes are out, with the full season available Nov. 20, and I'm hooked. 

Check out the trailer:


Oil Lady:
The very first first FIRST (pilot) episode was available for free on Facebook all weekend long. I totally stumbled onto it quite by accident on Saturday night on Facebook and I was hooked by just the first 30 seconds of that pilot episode. Yes --the opening credits and ALLLLL that was going on behind the opening credits-- was what hooked me.

There was a link to watch the second episode for free also, but the link brought me to Amazon and required me to log in with my (non--existent) Amazon account. So I only got the first episode.

Very cool pilot episode. This is Red Dawn for grownups.

Whew!  That map is reassuring. So grateful I live in the borderlands. ;)

I was actually hooked on the trailer when I stumbled across it by accident. So far, I'd say it's 80% 1984 and 20% Red Dawn.  The world they've created here is amazing. Shell out the money to Big Brother Amazon for a Prime account and enjoy. I love Big Brother!

Oil Lady:
Back in the 1990's, my roommate at the time down in Florida was very eager for me to watch a made-for-TV movie with her. She was a military brat whose family was stationed in Germany until she turned about 9 years old. And then when she entered the military herself at age 18, she was stationed in Germany for her full time in service. She was also writing her own "Red-Dawn-style" PAW fiction at the time when we were in Florida.

So she said "We gotta watch this movie!" She said she had read the book it was based on. It was called Fatherland. Same general premise of a 1960's revisioning of the world where Nazi Germany won. Elderly and decrepit Adolf Hitler in the Castro-esque sundown phase of his life, etc etc,

I dunno if Fatherland is based on the same work of fiction that this new Amazon series is based upon, (prolly is, if only loosely so). But I sent her a note about this series and I hope she gets a chance to watch it.

Fatherland on IMDb.


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