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I noticed last week that walmart is noe carrying even kershaw knives but it does say they are made in the USA on the front of the package.  I have also seen many gerber knives that are made in taiwan and china.  Have older gerber multi-tool and need to send it off for repairs but am afraid I will get a replacement one that is not of the same quality.

I noticed that as well.  However, most of the knives on the placard showing what they sell were marked as Discontinued.  I think they're just getting out of knives altogether in the manner they used to.  I'm almost willing to bet the same is true of ammunition...

Tactical Badger:
This is just part of the disturbing trend of quality manufacturers outsourcing to China.  It's pretty more and more difficult to even figure out where a specific brand's knives are being made.  Chinese Benchmade's?  What is up with that?  But they're out there on the market.  I wish at least one of the bigger knife makers would stick to their principles and not have cheap copies made overseas.  I've all but quit knife shopping online because no one will tell ou where they are made.

Now you have to look at the box, blade or packaging to even be able to tell where it is made.  What a shame.


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