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How to use different kinds of knives

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The more I look at different websites, the more I realize their are different kinds of kinives and I just might not know how to use them properly.  I understand fundamentally how to skin an animal, and how to use a gut hook.  I have even seen some fundamentals on knife fighting...but there are so many different varients of knives.  Can someone guide me on which kind is designed for what?

Thanks in advance


Wow, I'm not sure where to even start to answer that.  You're right though, there are a myriad of designs for different things.  Are you looking for something in particular or just a general info type thing.

Are you looking at any knives in particular?  Is there something in particular you want to do with the knife...i.e.  fighter vs. skinner, butcher vs. boning knife?  I could write a whole article on types of knives & their uses, but I'm not sure I'm that committed. ;D 

I have a couple of knives...A ka-bar, A game processing kit, some small folders, but I guess I am trying to figure out what all the different variants of knives?  I look at a few designs - the hooking designs and I am not talking about ones designed for gutting an animal - and I think a different grip - what we refer to as a cammando grip in my martials arts class - and I would get all of that utility and more.  So I guess this is a long way of saying, 1) untimately as a budding survivalist, what do I need?, 2) What is legal for every day carry - I live in Texas, and 3) if the SHTF, what kind of knife will I wish I had for either self defense, hunting, and ultimatley self preservation?


I understand your desire to better understand edged weapons and my quest led me to this guy:

I'm sure there are more informative sites out there but I am a visual learner so I want to 'see' everything. I am merely suggesting this as a way to filter through the myriad information sites out there and I don't think this guy is the 'best' but it is a place to start. I really came across him because I wanted to see him snare a deer but all he did was make the snare and I didn't actually see a deer in his trap sooo....

I just know he 'reviews' all sorts of edged weapons and guns.....just a 2 cents post here.......

Maybe I am not asking the right questions... What kind of knives should I have in a SHTF scenario?  Other than the self defense aspect, does this really vary from a successful hunting/fishing/camping trip?



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