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The BIG STICK , Half wave , 2 Meter antenna

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MURS/GMRS Big Stick now available,the rough tough antenna is now available for non-Hams.Great as a SCANNER ANTENNA too!

So much for having made 50 of them ,my log shows 174 made now and Jeff is headed this way to make some more today.

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Jeff,my new Minion (or student) can by today and build TWO Big Stick antennas with one a special needs antenna as we put a large eye bolt on the top and included a length of 550 Para-cord to hang the antenna with about 25 feet of knotted every 5 feet paracord extending below the antenna to provide support for the coax to avoid damage from flexing and weight stretching the cable. Taking advantage of his surroundings and a tall tree,Jeff can now talk on VHF and UHF from an area so far out that even mobile radios with high power fail as HEIGHT IS ALL IMPORTANT for using VHF/UHF at distance as he and I talked from 'no man's land' with him now only needing FIVE WATTS.

1  Height is very important for range
2  Support you coax
3   Use high quality coax or feed line as it improves your signal at low cost
4  Carry a Big Stick

Thanks for this, Carl.  I just posted the Big Stick instructions on our Montgomery (AL) Amateur Radio Club Facebook page.  It's getting good feedback as we speak.  I'm gonna build one for the BOL, I think.


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