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Preparedness as a Retirement Plan

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Thanks for the post! That is a good goal to have. Afterall, a retirement plan is prepping, but you have decided to do it in another way. We tend to forget that many of the things we spend money on are luxuries. Long ago people provided almost everything for themselves, unless they did not have a certain skill, and then they would go to a professional who was well trained in that area. We now live in a society of professionals who have training to suit all our wants and grant us services that we do not think we have the time (or do not want to) learn. In turn we become more dependant on others without really even realizing it.

I like your retirement plan. It is one I hope to obtain myself, and I hope many others in this nation adopt your retirement plan as well.


Thank you! I'll know that I have reached my goal when we only need money for taxes and books! Okay, maybe a bit more than that.

Thoreau heavily influenced my thoughts on this.

The world is my entertainment. I get to see a masterpiece in the morning and one at dusk, I listen to the sweetest music when my sweetie talks with me. I get to dine on the finest food, that most restaurants will never have. I will travel the world in books, and occasionally in an airplane or car.
My life will be my gym, my day my exercise. My repetitive work will be my meditation class. The orchestra will play daily in the wind through the trees and the sounds of wildlife raising young and flying by.

The problem with a lot of people today is that they expect the world to engage them - to come to them. Microwaves just aren't fast enough. I want to engage the world like we did when we were young. We got the other kids together to play ball, or bike to the swimming hole. We didn't have our parents calling us on the cellphone. They just flicked the front porch light. If we didn't see it, we heard about it within seconds. Our curfew was the streetlights.

I could go on and on and sound like the crusty old man. Yet I'm only 37. Has the world really changed that much so quick?

Heavy G:
+1 cdnguy

+1 to Cdnguy and +1 to you too, Jack.  Great post, great show.  We had actually been planning to sit down and revamp our budget, so I'm going to incorporate your suggestions about financial planning into our meeting.  We are mortgage free as of 9/14, and in a position to start really taking control of our lives.  It is so good to be able to say that.


--- Quote from: Coldfishgirl on September 16, 2009, 10:41:40 AM ---  We are mortgage free as of 9/14, and in a position to start really taking control of our lives. 

--- End quote ---

I can't tell you how good it makes me feel every time a TSP member says those words!  Rock on and claim your destiny now that you have control over it.


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