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--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on April 06, 2020, 01:20:35 PM ---this is where I disagree.  Last year I had a lot of pears to dry.  I borrowed 5 dehydrators in addition to my 2 9-tray Excaliburs.  one of my Excalibur dried 3 times the amount of any ONE of the others, and in half the time, with none burnt.  So much so that on Black Friday we bought a THIRD instead of ever doing that again.  Funny thing, my friends and neighbors from whom I borrowed - none of them use their dehydrators; they don't like the end product to justify the work.

--- End quote ---

Well... as I consider your comments, I guess I would also agree that it is better to go for an Excalibur if you can afford it. I only have the Excalibur myself, but I know that others who have commented on the dehydrating threads use other models with success. Years ago I had one of those round Ronco models that I used a few times to make beef jerky and then ended up getting rid of it after years of disuse... It did work, but it wasn't the nice capacity and ease of use of the Excalibur... and no ability to adjust the temp.


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