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Quail Coup Info Request


I am not looking to re-invent the wheel, so I am looking for feedback on on criticisms or designs that are already out there that might meet my needs and space.

My family has been looking at adding a poultry component to our urban homestead project.  Originally we were considering something like Rhode Island Reds as a good dual purpose bird, but the more I listened through the archives on the podcast, I am convinced that Quail would be a much better fit for our space and needs requirement.

My space and plans have a section laid out between raised beds that can accommodate a footprint of 8 foot by either 2-3 foot.  I also have that same space available to use within our detached garage.  We have a fence that would border the backside of the proposed coup that is roughly 6 ft tall.  We would like to be able to breed and cycle through our stock to provide for a small, but constant supply of eggs and meat. 

My idea would be to build a coup that is 8 ft wide by roughly 6 1/2 ft tall.  It will have four pens that are all roughly 18" tall by 4 ft wide.  This is to divide up two laying/breeding pens on top, juveniles and males on the bottom.  The upper and lower sections would be divided by about 4" spacing to allow for me to add some pull out trays as waste pans to allow for easy cleanup to the compost bins.  Above the pens, I would have a roof truss put in high enough to allow the space for 5 gallon water buckets to gravity feed the water supply, and storage for their food bins.  There would be about 1 1/2 feet of space below to allow for straw bales to be stored. At each base corner, I would affix large caster wheels (pneumatic) so that I could easily move the whole setup into the garage when the weather gets too cold for them to be out in the elements.

Still sketching it out on my graph paper, but has anyone else done something similar? I am completely new to raising of Quails, and am looking to head off mistakes before I make them.

I've never kept quail but have you googled quail coop plans. Check the "all" and "image" tabs.

I remember being given a bunch of quail eggs from a friend once (who had waaay more than they could use). They take a bit of getting used to in cooking. So much smaller, it takes quite a few to equal the volume of one chicken egg... and the shells are pretty tough. I used to use a serrated knife to cut them open... taste is great and they are really so cute!


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