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2019 Spring Floods

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The predicted floods are here from the previous winter storms. Large swaths of the midWest are being affected. 12 million people impacted and we are just at start.  Be cautious.  Do not attempt to drive or walk through standing waters.  There are very fast currents. And those of you in South, get your sand bags and bug out bags ready.  The midWestern cities have no choice but to let these waters flow unabated.
Flooding triggers emergency, disaster declarations throughout the Midwest
"Nebraska has experienced historic flooding and extreme weather in nearly every region of the state,”

Nebraska is grappling with the worst flooding the state has seen in half a century, according to the state's governor, as severe weather and heavy rain slammed the Midwest on Friday.

On Friday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts called the flooding "historic," adding that he would be surveying the extent of the damage.

"Nebraska has experienced historic flooding and extreme weather in nearly every region of the state,” Ricketts tweeted.

The Nebraska Emergency Management Agency tweeted that emergencies had been declared in 53 counties, 41 cities and one tribal area as of Friday night.

 Missouri River looking bad.  Dams already failing, shutting down nuclear plant.
Deadly, Historic Flooding Swamps Plains, Midwest; Nebraska City a Virtual Island, Nuke Plant Prepares to Shut Down

Thanks for the update

A guy on another forum was asking me why I was canning meat etc. I pointed out natural disasters as one reason and posted the link in this thread. He got it.

This is not like other floods.  The amount of water moving is very high vs. recent history.  Even heavy machinery is no match.  Be extra cautious.
Nebraska farmer is killed trying to rescue someone in state's worst flooding in 50 years

Farmer's tractor went down in flood waters
Nebraska rescue teams have been pulling trapped residents out of flood waters since Thursday.

James Wilke, a Columbus farmer, got a call to assist a stranger, and never came home. According to CNN affiliate KMTV, a close family friend posted on social media about his last moments.

"It is no surprise to anyone that knew James that when he got the phone call to assist emergency responders ... his answers would be yes," Jodi L. Hefti wrote on Facebook.

"With the guidance of emergency responders, James drove his tractor over the Shell Creek bridge on the Monestary Road and the bridge gave out. James and the tractor went down into the flood water below."


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