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Airsoft or BB/air gun for daughter marksmanship training?


I just listen to Jack's podcast about Airsoft guns for ccw training. I think I'm going to pick up a G19 replica for myself and set up an indoor basement shooting course. I would like to pick up a green gas blowback Style air soft rifle that would be conducive for basic Marksmanship training. I'm going back and forth between Airsoft and BB guns or air guns. I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions for my 6 and 5 year old daughters?  Any particular airsoft or bb/air gun rifle models?

Hello NextGenPrepper

If you are looking for marksmanship training I would suggest a pellet rifle over a Airsoft gun. Pellet rifles are more accurate than Airsoft. The rifled barrels and heavy weight of the projectile lend itself more to accuracy and you will be able to diagnose problems and correct faults of the shooter easier. 

A popular Air rifle is the Daisy 853 (also sold under the name Avanti) used by the Scouts and the Canadian Cadets for their marksmanship programs. It has a proven track record.
Choose anything that is labeled Pellet rifle and not just BB. Pellet rifles are the more accurate of the two.

Now if your focus is proper weapons handling Airsoft is superior. Exact copies of your favourite firearms, AR15 etc. One note the cocking handles are for show on most models and will not expose the breach to inspect or eject a "live round", but you can still go threw the motions.

One safety aspect is if a Pellet rifle "accidentally" fires off and hits someone you may have a embedded pellet to get removed at the emergency ward. Some areas consider it a firearms related injury and police are called. Most police are level headed enough to write their report and carry on to something more important. One benefit of Airsoft is if some one gets hit its unlikely to embed in an arm etc.

As for a specific model of a Airsoft, as a general rule I would stay away from the clear see threw plastic styles. They are generally made really cheap and only last a couple of months.
If you are looking for a spring single shot model look for a name brand, some of those generic airsoft companies make the cheapest crap imaginable.
If you are looking for a semi / full auto style AEG go to your local Airsoft store and they can help you out. You most likely need a base model nothing fancy. Plastic frame 8.4V. Marui. G and G are a few examples.
There are also bolt action rifles available if you're more looking to the hunting side of things.

When shooting in your basement with pellet rifles I would suggest the tried and true method of getting a cardboard box and stuffing it full of newspaper. For the fun shooting drills I do for my Youtube channel *cough blatant plug cough* I use a old bed sheet and cameo net. Works fine though the net tents to "eat" the targets and need to be fish out every once and a while.

Hope this helps


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