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Ok let see if I can pull this off and post a few of my pictures of my spirulina set up and harvest.

Spirulina Tank Setup by madmax478, on Flickr

And Harvest from One tank...

Spirulina Harvest by madmax478, on Flickr

I highly recommend getting a Good pH meter for this project. It also come in handy if your planning to do any ferment foods or Aquaponics. Spirulina is safe to harvest for human consummation at a pH of 10+ Test strips are just to darn subjective IMHO. Likewise Ferment foods should be between 2.5 and 3.0 to be safe. Sauerkraut, Kumbucha Tea, not going to list them all here. But you get the point. There are many good meters you can use. I use the HM200. Here is a amazon link to the one I'm using.

Kinda reminds me of the intestines of a lake erie walleye i just caught :)  I have been buying the Nutrex Hawaiian brand. Notice any difference using the stuff?


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