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Alarm System for a House

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--- Quote from: bartsdad on January 27, 2019, 04:12:30 AM ---I'm going to bump this back up. There are ton of new wireless options out there now.

I'm looking to update my system and want a DIY self monitored system. Any feedback on the likes of Simplysafe, Ring, Nest or any of the others out there would be greatly appreciated.


--- End quote ---

Simplisafe is great for us but we use monitoring. Monitoring is essentially free as our insurance provider gives a discount for alarm systems that cover theft and fire that is about the same as the monitoring fees.

Being cellular with a battery backup means that even if power and phone lines are cut, the alarm is still active. 

We had two issues.  One was that our CO alarm was faulty.  This was a common issue for a time and was resolved with them sending a new unit.  The second was the origional cellular carrier changed tower location and connection became spotty.  They switched us to their other carrier and all was well.

The system can be much more than a burglar alarm. Our system has Fire, CO, Freeze, and water sensors.  It is nice being able to see temperature in house via app when traveling in winter.  It also acts as confirmation our generator has come on because it has power monitoring built into the base unit.  So when power goes out, we receive notice then shortly after when generator kicks on we get notice power was restored.

We are especially happy we can place panic buttons around house.  One press and police are here in two and a half minutes.  We put one in our workshop in the detached garage so if I ever have a machine injury I can hit button and have help on the way.


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