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Hot damn Cohutt! That is an excellent link. Thank you so much. I'll give that a shot first. I got the gun to be the wife's EDC but the trigger is too heavy for her and she doesn't like carrying it.  Right now she is making do with a beretta .22  ::) but that will be her backup once I can get the trigger fixed on the SW9VE.


Georgia Farmer's markets

Stickied by Roswell

Also, I found a place I wanted to add. They are literally a store for survivalists.  They have two locations, one in Roswell and one in Marietta. I have only been to the Marietta one, but I was impressed. Also, that location is only two blocks from the Marietta Army/Navy Surplus store.

True Prep:

BTW, this is the only LDS cannery I have found in Georgia on the LDS website. If anyone has others, please feel free to list them or share your experience with this location.

4823 N Royal Atlanta Dr
Tucker, GA 30084

I've been by the tru-prep store, in fact I stopped in again yesterday on my way back from a meeting in ATL. 

What I liked about it is they have some higher end things that you can actually see and touch that otherwise might only be available via the inter-web.  Examples: All American,  Excalibur, Berkey.  All the food storage things too, Gamma Seal and reams of oxygen absorbers bundled in all quantities.

Previously I had purchased some smaller items plus an amazingly nice and robust Drago (MAxpedition type knock off) soft AR type rifle case.

(I didn't pick anything up yesterday; the $8 impulse purchase i thought I would make was deterred by the 5 or 6 already in line who would be checking out ahead of me....  the afternoon traffic witching hour was fast approaching and the weather still had freezing rain as a remote possibility, so I scrammed. )


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