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We have 1/3 acre near North Kansas City and it sounds like we are going to need to stay here several more years. I've been listening to TSP for 2 or 3 months now, started at episode 1 and up to about 325 or so... wondering if there are many up this way that are urban farmers who might be willing to share tips, etc.

I've started growing some microgreens in the basement and the wife is on board with that, and I've started reading whatever I can get on permaculture, would like to build a chicken coop for maybe 6 chickens (have never had but KCMO let's us have up to 15 non crowing), and have an interest in starting some hydro/aquaponics, square foot gardening, and some sort of natural barrier to make it harder for our nosy neighbor on one side to use us as her entertainment! Don't think we have room to try to start keeping bees, although that sounds interesting too.

I figure if we are stuck here for a while, may as well improve the land where we can. The wife actually said she might consider moving to Kansas, but first we need to dump debts and do some fixing on this house... on the other hand, can use the basement as my growing laboratory and try to perfect a system for sale-able veggies/greens. Maybe that plus our solar system will help the house value when we sell if the right folks come along... productive gardens might too, right?

I live in Kansas and will be moving to the kansas side of the KC Metro later in the summer.  I have a fairly mobile life so gardening is hit or miss depending on work.

If you ham or shoot or want to learn, let me know.

I've never tried ham, but I like shooting. My problem is time... working for ATT/Directv I never know when my workday will finish. Sometimes at 3 or 4, sometimes at 10PM... After 8 years of that and now lower pay since ATT bought us, I am wanting to start growing some crops for the wife, raising chickens (can have 15 hens in KCMO), and am reading as much as I can on permaculture design, watching Jack's videos, paying down the credit cards, etc.

Just started listening to TSP about 3 months ago and joined the MSB, started at podcast #1 and am up to about #342 I think, now. My goal is within the next 2-3 years be able to quit my job and either work from home in my 1/6  acre backyard to grow/gather stuff to sell at farmer's markets, or more likely also work a part time job, say 25-30 hours a week if needed to continue to bring in some income also. After 7 years of marriage, my wife had to go get a job this year due to ATT's pay being much lower than DTV's pay was, and she hates working 3rd shift, so she is on board with turning the basement into a grow room for microgreens, hydroponics/aquaponics, etc. Gotta find a way to bring that stuff to market though... ;-)

Been talking to lots of folks, including at church about TSP and getting chickens, becoming more self-reliant, etc. Definitely some interest out there, so I want to try and get started on the cheap somehow... then maybe I can turn that into teaching others how to do the same if I can make it happen! Never dreamed I'd find an interest in growing things at 47 years old...LOL

Hi. I'm no help, too far away from you, but in Missouri.
Would be good if you could grow and sell your produce.
There are a couple of huge flea markets in the KC area that maybe you could set up and sell there. One of them is an old drive in theater area. Lots of people show up there on weekends.

Well, how things change... my wife is actually now on board with getting out of the big city. Growing our own healthier food, more fresh air for the twins, and less debt were all things she agreed would be better for our family, even though she prefers the city. I guess now we are looking more over towards Washington County, MO... lots of small towns out that way with reasonable land prices nearby. She's even exploring building a house from shipping containers... who knows where we'll end up! :)


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