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    I'm a Louisiana wanna be if that helps. I lived down there in Gonzales for 7 years. I graduated high school down there, then left in 94. Back in GA since then, but man I miss it. Can't talk my wife into moving down there.

BikerKat here!  I am from Lake Charles!  Hows it going out there?  Being from hurricane country - we know how to prep - right?  I just about lived here all my
life but I am still learning and getting ideas from the forum.

Louisiana Suvivor:
oh yeah I definately learning a lot on in this community. i just wish our members would be dozens considering we deal with it every year. glad to have ya back!

Louisiana Suvivor:

--- Quote from: sneauxball on March 25, 2009, 09:57:16 PM ---BikerKat PMed me last week, she's around here somewhere....

oh're one of them                 :D  :D

--- End quote ---

bush is a funny guy in retro spec. the dude from the beatles has the street cred being that the beatles are the great grandfathers of heavy metal. clintons an idiot. and is that like lisa manelly and some french guy or something? they were probably just confused. Im all heavy metal here. plus it was my 21st b-day and i got my desert after a few margaritas. LOL


--- Quote from: Louisiana Suvivor on March 31, 2009, 07:57:48 AM ---Im all heavy metal here.

--- End quote ---

that's what i was banking on....i just couldn't resist the silliness.


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