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We're moving to a new server -- Expect some downtime

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Mr. Bill:
Server Move FAQ
The forum is moving to a new server?  Really?

And Jack's blog, and the MSB stuff, and-
Yes, yes, everything.


How soon?
Oh, I'd say... [checks watch] soon.

When will you know when it's going to happen?
With luck, we'll know a few hours or maybe a day in advance.  Or maybe not.

Do you actually HAVE this new server?
Really.  Jack paid for it, it's running, but there's nothing on it yet.

Will it be faster than the current cold-molasses server?
OMG I certainly hope so!

So, what exactly will happen?
We hope that we'll be able to give you some notice.  Then we'll lock up the forum and blog and a few other things, and everything will get copied to the new server, and if it works we'll change and and a few other URLs to point to the new server.  When those changes propagate out to your ISP, you'll see everything running on its new home.  You shouldn't need to make any changes.

Probably really.

More news to follow as soon as we know more. :)

Thanks for all your hard work guys!!


Yeah, thanks for the hard work! You guys rock!

Mr. Bill:
If we're very very lucky, it won't be our hard work this time.  Thank Jack for paying the server provider extra bucks to handle most of the move.

Roger that.


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