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System maintenancedone: but 24 hrs of Private messages were lost

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The downtime was performed and a bad disk was replaced, but this disk corrupted the database table for private messages beyond repair.

The backup for this data was restored, private messages are now working. But all private messages sent/received in the last 24 hours were lost.

Sorry about the loss of the messages, we are looking into ways to reduce this risk.

Oil Lady:
No worries from me.

Keep up the good work.

Aaah!   :excited:  While the middle of the night seems like a good time to take the site down for maintenance, I'm in a different time zone.  I thought I was going to go crazy without the forum.  Thank you for bringing my crack back online!  Keep up the good work. 

Got a little worried, thought Big Brother turned off the switch.

Thanks for all of the hard work, Archer!


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