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Anyone else here live in the Show Me state?

I'm in the southern part of the state at the top of the boot heel.

I'm in Kansas City

I'm in Saint Louis.

We're not there yet (stuck in the DPR Kahlifornia), but as soon as my fiancee is out of law school here we're moving to someplace outside St. Louis.  So I'll be there around late May 2009, can't wait!

I grew up a couple hours north of St Louis, on the IL side of the river.  It will be nice to be home. 

So what are you guys doing that pertains to survival in MO?  We'd like to buy a few acres, have some chickens, a good garden and fruit trees, do some deer hunting, etc.  I'm an electronics tech, and I'll also be installing solar panels, and possibly even building my own wind or hydro generators as well.  I mention this because it might be a good idea for a few of us who will be local to one another to pool our skills somewhat. 

What do you guys think? 

Welcome to the boards Scott, & welcome to Missouri (eventually).


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