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Sister Wolf:
3,645 $3's from closing out July! & 3,971 $36 from closing out the year! thank you thank you thank you!!!

Thank you to everyone who's donated.  :)

Yes, thank you lots!

The Wilderness:
Thanks again to all that have donated.


Mr. Bill:
Folks, I am not one to use terms like "TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY" lightly. 8)

When this idea came up for discussion among the admins, I was very pessimistic.  I made an estimate of the maximum possible donations we were likely to get.

So far, the money is coming in at nine times my "maximum" estimate. :excited:

I assure you that this extra cash is going to make a big difference for some of our admins.  Thank you all for that.

For me, the cash is pretty darn nifty, but what really gets me is that you folks feel our work is valuable to you personally.  I enjoy being an admin here, but getting this kind of feedback has been a huge boost.

This forum has collected many truly amazing human beings.  I'm honored to be among you.

Thanks, most sincerely. :)

=-=-= Mr. Totally Blown Away Bill =-=-=


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