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Sister Wolf:
Ladies & Gentlemen of the TSP Forum:

The admins of TSP would like to make being an admin at TSP their actual job. We spend our weekend hours fixing the forum when it crashes, and we would like to be free to spend more hours creating modifications and writing code for the forum to make the user experience that much better.

Basically, we'd like to be able to STOP saying things like "no" and "go pound sand" when you ask for us to do very, very specific things to this forum for you guys. But we can't do that at the moment, because we have limited amounts of time that we can spend here.

Please help us with that wee little problem, by donating some of your hard-earned cash to the Admins fund. We don't actually expect to hit our (somewhat ambitious) mark, but we think that if you were to donate, say, $3 a month to the forum (a total of $36.00 a year, or 10 cents a day), we might be extremely surprised at what can be done. We've seen you guys blow our minds before. We'd like to see it again.

The TSP Gear Shop (Rockwell Survival) is handling the donations. This is NOT a charity. This is NOT tax deductible. It is a gift from you to us. As we get things updated, we will move donators into their own membergroup, with a few extra permissions, and possibly their own board on TSP for extra-fun things that regular members won't have access to. At the moment, that will not be the case, but once we get that set up, we will be more than happy to move prior donators into that group by request and after having shown proof (just your paypal email address, nothing more) that you've been a donator.

Thank you for the opportunity that you've given us to do what we most love to do. Being an admin at TSP has never been anything less than the most gratifying experience of our lives.

The TSP Administrators

PS - Feel free to write in your own donation amount if you don't see one that matches what you'd like to give. Thank you again!!

Mr. Bill:
You can check the record of any donations you make by clicking on Profile (in the top menu), then under Profile Info, select Show Donations.

Many thanks to anyone who sends us money. ;D

Sounds good.
Im a member of a 4x4 forum and we pay 5 bucks a year which gives you special perks.

I don't use paypal, would like to send check for year. Please pm me with mailing address. Thanks for being here for us. :-*

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: monkeyboyf on July 02, 2011, 02:58:49 PM ---I don't use paypal, would like to send check for year. Please pm me with mailing address. Thanks for being here for us. :-*

--- End quote ---

For anybody who wants to send a check, please make it out to Rockwell Survival, and send it to:

Rockwell Survival
9668 Milliken Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

I will add you in as a donation by username, if you want to put your username down on the memo line of your check or money order.  :-)  Otherwise I'll list it as anonymous.


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