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Morning Sunshine:

--- Quote from: TexDaddy on April 24, 2011, 10:08:31 AM ---Help! MS has been kidnapped by aliens!  ;D

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Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Nicodemus on April 24, 2011, 07:38:42 AM ---I'd like one that makes use of of subdued earth tones or camo.

I was using the camouflage theme before, and it was pretty decent.

If you find something, that'd be cool, but if not I'm fine with the basic look too. I'm very laid back.  ;D

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Subdued Earth Tones = Green Bean Theme.  It's not camo (I know a lot of people - including my sweet husband - LOVED that theme), but it's still awfully pretty.  It's the one I'm using for now until they come out with a camo inspired theme for this version.  I'm keeping my eye out for a good camo one for all of you though!

I also added a new dark theme called "Noble Dark".  I added that one really late last night.  It's got a few bugs, but so does the other dark one.  For those of you who like dark themes (DEV) I'm keeping my eye out for good ones with less weird little bugs.  :)

Sister Wolf:

--- Quote from: Morning Sunshine on April 24, 2011, 08:16:31 AM ---I know you are not going to believe this from me, you might start to wonder who stole my password and logged in, but I really like this theme.  it is easy to read, easy to navigate, not a lot of superfluous stuff on the sides.  I am happy with it.

I guess change CAN be good!  ( )

--- End quote ---

You are so awesome.  Just your attitude about the change alone has really lifted my spirits this weekend.  Thank you.  :)

Sister Wolf:
I am killing "Noble Dark".  It's gorgeous but it's just way too buggy.  If you like dark themes, you've GOT to check out the new one I just added called, "Ambassador".  It's GORGEOUS and very, very dark.  I changed DEV's theme to this one so that he doesn't kill me when he gets back and sees that his dark themes are gone.  :D

I'm diggin' the dark theme   ;D


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