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Sister Wolf:
You will now see a bunch of new things at the top of the forum. 

One is a Staff List.  This will show you all the admins and mods here.

One is a Member Map.  You can set your location (please don't put the marker right on your house - that's poor planning, people) by going to your profile, zooming in to your apprx. location, and click the map.  Don't use the search function in the map.  It won't work if you do that.  Just zoom in, click the map, then go down and click the "change profile" button.  You'll be added to the member map if you do that.

Two more (the last two for now) are "replies" and "unread" tabs at the top.  Your typical unread replies and unread posts buttons are still where they usually are or were.  But now you also have them at the top in the quick links/tabs.

Sorry about the changes.  It's just part of the new system.  I thought explaining it might help a little.

Sister Wolf:
I had to kill the calendar.  It will be back up in about a week when we move to the new server.  For now it's causing too much server lag and they will shut us down again.

Calendar Tab is still available, sis.

Sister Wolf:
Thanks, dw.  I never finished in that screen.  Got distracted by another change.  ::)

It should be gone now.  :)

Yep, it's gone.


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