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Mr. Bill:
Jack is arranging for us to move to a new web hosting service.  It will probably happen some time this week, but we don't know when yet.

We'll do our best to make this move without causing you inconvenience, but a few annoyances are guaranteed:

* The forum and the blog will both be down for a little while, as we transfer files and get things up and running on the new host.  We hope that means "an hour or two", rather than "a day or two"!
* When we change to point at the new host, it will take a while (minutes or hours or days) for this change to propagate across the whole Internet.  So your bookmarks may keep sending you to the old site for a while.  We'll try to provide links on the old site to redirect you to the new site.
More info to follow when we know more...

Morning Sunshine:
what! noooooooo!
you know what happens when things are messed with.  something else breaks, and things get slow and annoying and I cannot handle computer changes!!!!

:going to my room to calm down now....:

ps - friday and saturday this weekend would be good days for this - I will be unable to log on anyway.....  ;D

Just a clairification.

We will be down for about a day, not really down but the site will be in two places at the same time.  We will test everything before redirecting the domain.  The move and testing won't take long but I have to lock the forum or some people will be posting to the old one and some to the new one.

Second there will be no risk to the forum due to how we are doing this.  The forum and site will be copied to the new server only after we verify that everythign works will we redirect the domain and I will leave the old server active for about a week as a back up in case we do have problems. 

We are moving to HostGator from HostingWithUS.  HostGator hosts the MSB and the Audio server, they have come through for us again and again with tech support.  HostingWithUs is in my view the most useless bunch of human beings on the planet. 

I've used HostGator for years, and although my sites don't even get a tenth of the traffic that TSP does, I concur with Jack. Awesome hosts with the best tech support I've encountered in 15 years of IT experience. I also used to work for one of Canada's top hosting companies, so I do speak from experience here.

HostGator and TSP will be a force for certain.

That sounds good!


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