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the Pareto principle and solar power

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Alan Georges:

--- Quote from: mountainmoma on March 11, 2019, 02:43:04 PM ---As has been said here, a LED reading light, cell phone charging and small radio do not take much power and realy would make it alot better.

--- End quote ---
Exactly right, MM.  It makes all the difference.  Even a 7 watt Goal Zero system will give this.  It's useable by most people and will be a lot of help when the power's off.

This is really interesting. I currently live off-grid with a generator. It's not a super-sustainable system, and I was saving up for a 100% solar setup (doesn't have to be big because I heat with wood and refrigerate + cook with propane). However, if I look at the 80% setup then I could just use the generator as backup for that other 20%.

Smurf Hunter:
This may have been a TSPAZ item of the day at some point.

I highly recommend everyone interested in backup energy get one, so that they have accurate data regarding their power needs. 

When you have accurate data for your consumption, you can plan accordingly.  There is a huge difference between keeping phones charged and LED lights running, compared with a freezer or other major appliances.

Alan Georges:
Exactly right, Smurf.  Good data if vital to properly sizing a solar power system.

Smurf Hunter:

--- Quote from: Alan Georges on March 19, 2019, 08:20:17 PM ---Exactly right, Smurf.  Good data if vital to properly sizing a solar power system.

--- End quote ---

Yes, or you may decide a big old gasoline generator is appropriate for a few specific cases. My wife didn't understand why her hair dryer, coffee maker or instantPot wouldn't work off the little inverter until I plugged them into the kill-a-watt. Of course the practical conclusion is to learn to avoid using such things during an emergency :)


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