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finger problems due to stiff shoulder or similar non intuitive things

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--- Quote from: Frugal Upstate on December 10, 2017, 05:57:44 PM ---The VA gave me a TENS unit for my neck & back pain several years ago.  My understanding was that it helps with pain, but that it doesn't actually contribute to healing.  I'll have to research that more...

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That was true in my case. It was important for me to get some aggressive therapy right after my hand surgery last year (the second in 2 years on the same spot), but my hand was too swollen and painful for them to be able to do much. The TENS helped with the pain enough that I was able to start therapy sooner. Once the pain went down, they stopped using it on me.

 I have been spending some money on this, but if it helps it will be worth it as I sometimes feel a little desperate. I just got this massage machine that they had a demo of at bed and bath. It seems pretty decent but may not be as good as a good human massage person


 I also ordered a book for shoulder problems and some neck pillows that are smaller and better for travel than the one I have. There seems to be so many exercises to chose from. Some that I thought would be good, the woman I go to seemed to think otherwise. I am not totally sure on her viewpoint there either. The guy that wrote the book I just ordered is a trained and experienced physical therapist. The book is called "bullet proof your shoulder" and has good reviews


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