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Berkey has sat dry for about 6 months...

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If your PF-2 filters have been sitting for longer than 2 weeks after you have used them, they need to be thrown away, as the media inside will dry up and is not usable.

Please purchase a new set of PF-2 filters, as they cannot be dried out.

The Berkey Guy

--- Quote from: MrThirteen on October 30, 2016, 05:45:52 PM ---So I have left my Berkey sitting on the counter and it has been dry for 6 months waiting for me to "clean" it.  I have reviewed how to clean the black elements, but do not see any instructions on cleaning a fluoride element.

Should I just take it as if it were brand new, and start from scratch or is there any other things I should be aware of?



--- End quote ---


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