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Field Notes notebooks, Anyone?

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--- Quote from: OhCanada on February 07, 2016, 06:20:35 AM ---
I carried Rite-in-the-Rain coil notebooks but the coils get crushed in pockets, still, the paper is very good. No one sells stapled versions here.

--- End quote ---
Yeah, I prefer the book style bound rather the coil bound version. You can order it online if they are not stocked locally.

Bound rite in the rain is hard to beat. Virtually every field geologist in the U.S. Uses them.

I switched to a moleskine calendar. Left side is a week view calendar, right side is a journal/notes page.  Bought a nice leather cover from Etsy.  A few post it notes stuck in the inner cover just for shopping lists and leaving notes for others, etc.

I wish it was waterproof paper, but can't get everything I want...

I guess i'm just a "company man" for Field Notes. I use their new daily planner for schedules, take notes on their Steno for EMT class, and use the regular colors notebooks for journaling and Bible study.
If i'm writing something, it's usually into a Field Notes of some type.

i have used write in the rain for a former work but still kept it in a ziplock


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