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--- Quote from: Jazkal on April 20, 2009, 07:29:37 PM ---I'm sorry, but what your water well guy showed you was not a solar powered pump meant for deep wells. There have been lots of people using deep solar well pumps to pull enough water to supply a family house needs.

Most solar well pumps I've seen pull 1-2 gallons a min. which is slow compared to your 110v or 220v AC pump. It just requires you to pump to a storage tank, and then pressurize it to the house.

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Thanks Debbie Downer.  I mean that in a good way.  Definitely good to know this stuff before the cash gets doled out.

I wish I had been more educated on solar power earlier.  I guess getting a professional in on this is the best way to go.

I just went through this. My well is 340' x 6" with a static of 242' I'm using a Groundfos 6 SQF-3 AC/DC submersible wired direct to 6 Schott Poly-240 panels. This system will pump 6 G.P.M.
Don't skimp on the number of panels, these pumps like lots of DC volts.


--- Quote from: on April 22, 2011, 08:47:04 PM ---Completely new on site/posting. Has anyone heard of the site "" reportedly is a hand pump system with options for solar and 12v

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I have heard of the site and the product,  comes from a guy on Utube by the name: engineer775 Practice Peppers
I don't have the system, but I have heard good things about the operation. Hope this helps a little. I am thinking of using a water pump with hoses, one going into the wellhead and the other to the house powered by the solar kit from Harbor Freight.  Not the best, but it is what I can afford right now, and something now beats perfect a few years from now.  Good luck

I have  a 12-24 volt well pump in my second well in a emergency, turn the switch, pump sitting in 50 ft of water 70 ft down 95 PSI  pump was about $680.oo  1/2 " black water pipe. $30.oo a couple ball valves, $14.oo out door spigot.$ 7.oo ..200 psi pressure gage $11.oo & soon a 2 gallon bladder tank $73.oo to be installed. powered off a 4D size battery From Tractor supply  $149.99.. inside my Pumphouse/green house. sitting on 4 cement blocks & styrofoam. solar panel for it soon. but it is operational as I type this.
Northern tool sell some brand Pump too. saw it in their catalog.


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