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Reloading modern revolver metallic cartridges with black powder

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In Louisiana ,with an average 80 to 90% humidity,long term is more like 6 months.

Regardless of ammo type, smokeless, bp, or bpsub, I feel it is best stored as separate, unhandled, components.

I store cans of BP, 1lb ingots of lead, and primers, and only keep around 100 rounds of 45-70, 200 45 colt, and 20 or so shotshells loaded and ready. I have several pounds of pyrodex and 777, but only because it was clearanced and super cheap. I think I give less than $5 a pound for the triple 7, but its like my no other option, or barter reserve.

I always hit the clearance isle of Walmart after deer season is over and there always seems to be muzzleloader cleaning supplies, cans of propellant, and even projectiles that I can buy cheaper then lead and melt down. I use hot soapy water to clean up after bp normally, but will use some store bought stuff while on hunts, especially when spending a week or two in the swamps hunting pigs.

Jim H:
I've been shooting BP (Goex) in SASS competition for years, it works fine in cartridges - and shotshells too.

One thing I've found is running black powder in modern calibers (any magnums, 45 Colt) fouls up the action quicker than old calibers (44-40, 38-40, 32-20). Pretty simple reason - the older cases have thinner brass. BP runs at a lower pressure and doesn't expand thicker brass to completely stop blow-by. Not dangerous, but dirty.

Another thing is that BP runs way hotter than smokeless, with flames that could be a serious fire hazard in drought conditions or indoors.

The smoke will give your position away, and in rapid fire obscures targets. It's also burning sulfur, it'll choke you if you breath it. I don't know how they managed to have a gunfight in a saloon, and touching off a greener indoors would rate right up there with tear gas.

It is pretty addicting, and I'll never go back to smokeless for SASS.

PS: Yes, 45 Colt was originally BP, but they no longer make the old "balloon head" thin walled cases.


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