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Interested in a Knife Sharpening course by Patrick Roehrman

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I'd like to see if there is interest in having Patrick Roehrman ( come out and do a knife sharpening course in region 2.  Since I'm in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton), I'm naturally biased to someplace near me, but let's see how many folks are interested and where they are located...

I'm guessing probably a one day course, perhaps either a weekend day, or possibly a Friday / Monday.  I've spoken with him and he has some interest, but it all depends on how many people would be willing to pay for the course.  I don't know yet what the cost would be, etc., but if you are at all interested in learning more, please either post here or private message me and I'll see what we can do.

Howdy Jesse2004,

I have been in contact with Patrick regarding this request. I fit in because I have a location to host the event in the area.
I have seen zero response to your request. I need to go there anyway. If you know of interested parties please make Patrick aware of same.

That is all.

I would definitely be interested. Keep us informed!

In the interest of planning this event the following would be helpful:

1) The dates that are suitable.

2) Number of participants and guests.

Basic food, restroom, electricity, and water are are provided on site.
Camping space is available for anything from R.V.'s to a group of tents or a mix.

That is all.


I'm near Hamburg, and would be interested. Really busy this time of year - winter would be better for me, but you never know.


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