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D & D for weight loss

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--- Quote from: The Professor on September 04, 2015, 07:28:41 PM ---I gave up the SCA about 15 years ago when my local group in Colorado started getting even wierder than normal.

However, since I have moved back to the area where we first started, the wife and I have considered going back, especially for the Heavy Weapons Fighting.  As others have pointed out, it is a hell of a workout.

I saw an article on my Fox News App that spoke of the guy in the OP's post.  I thought it was genius.  As many know, it takes motivation to keep going to the gym and the trainers who came up with this LoTR-based workout had a great idea if it keeps people coming back.

I had a similar idea for what I wanted to call Warrior's Yoga, sort of a mix between Tai Chi and Yoga moves done to a mix of inspiring mood music aimed at getting guys (and appropriately-minded women) into the gym to stretch and "bond" in a Warrior's Mindset.  I might have to revisit the idea.

The Professor

--- End quote ---

I stopped playing in the SCA about 15 years ago also. I moved to the Midwest and they are SNOBS here. If you do not belong to a click no one will talk to you. But when I was in the SCA I got my work out being a merchant, hauling ALL those totes, canvas day shade, and canvas tent to the merchant field and setting up, then packing up and hauling ALL that stuff back to the car.

Some time in the future I'm planning on moving to Florida and hop to get back into the SCA. IT kept me out of trouble. LOL



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