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Reloading modern revolver metallic cartridges with black powder

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The Sage of Monticello:
Thank you gentlemen. I will try the boiling method.

And pyrodex is more corrosive than black powder, which means even more cleaning attention.

trekker is right, Pyrodex is very corrosive.
As far as the crimp mentioned earlier, a tight crimp is better than light in black powder.
Also, stick with a non petroleum based lube, as it will clean easier and make life nicer.
The trigger/bolt spring can be had in a wire spring and is much more durable than the factory unmodified flat spring.

Besides being corrosive ,black powder and it's modern replacements tend to be hygroscopic and attract moisture and add to the corrosive tendency ...the possible separation of chemistry and weakening of powder and case components (like the PRIMER) so it is best not to store loaded cartridges for long term and use caution with weakened shells though about all they do is hold components together...but they do have to seal the chamber in the modern revolver.

Black powder substitutes like 777, Pyrodex, and especially American Pioneer Powder (APP) are extremely hygroscopic. I used to use APP for my loads as I could meter it well off of my Dillon press. Well, all the little bits of dust that float around in that process end up making lots of little rust spots on equipment. Not too mention its performance wasn't that good compared to old fashioned real black powder.
I save the sub powders for my shotshell loads now, as its pretty easy to clean out a smooth pipe.

Not sure how long term you are talking for storing loaded cartridges, Carl, but I have some that have been loaded better than 5 years and they are still shooting fine, with no signs of lube contamination or weakening of powder. BUT, they are also stored well and not left in the hot car, etc.


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