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New Jersey - am I the only one?

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 I've thought about it, but between family ties, and a bad economy which really puts a damper on the ability to find work somewhere else and sell my house. I'm staying put at least for the time being. Working more at this time on creating a small network of prepared people in the area.

I totally understand the family ties. I'd probably bring my parents with us because I take care of them more then my siblings do.

DH brought up the issue of selling the house. We couldn't do anything immediately. We want to pay off our truck first. We had planned on adding on in a year or two but we may just move instead.

There are alot of factors to consider. DH works and I stay at home and teach our kids. He's an electrician so his field is used everywhere. But whether there is work everywhere is a different story. He does have many other marketable skills, so that does help.

We talked a bit about getting the land we want and just living in a mobile home/cabin till we can build a house. We lived in a travel trailer for 6 months with three kids - we look back on that experience fondly and really enjoyed it.

We do love our neighbors here - even if they are a little too close! We like our church and DH and DD are in the local fire department. Dh and DS are also active in scouts. We have a whole lot of research and talking to do before we actually put the house up for sale.

 My biggest caveat with moving in addition to ties here, is that I think we are nearly out of time as far as the national economy goes and it teetering on collapse. Not sure if you are familiar with the Meet Up groups but a group recently started in Philly that meets once a month to discuss "survival" topics. I haven't been yet but I know a few of the people in the group and they are solid folks. If your interested I can post the info.

Bergen County represented here too. Just started prepping 6 mos ago. Starting to get all my buddies at work invoved too.


--- Quote from: NicolaiHel on February 12, 2009, 05:42:31 PM ---Bergen County represented here too. Just started prepping 6 mos ago. Starting to get all my buddies at work invoved too.

--- End quote ---

Hello! That's great that you have friends that can support/join you. We are sort of on our own when it comes to that mind set. The people out here are country people and pretty self-reliant anyway.
Are you in the city?


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