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New Jersey - am I the only one?

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AnimalHousePA: the summer months they have a weekly rodeo there...every Saturday from May til Sept...The farmer's market part is open Tuesday and Saturday.  You can find your typical flea market tables there.  Some are indoor and and some are outdoor.  Oh yeah and across the street is the Cowtown Outfitters shop where you can buy cowboy boots and all the accessories that you need if that's your thing.   :)

Very cool.  Thanks!

Just joined...Cherry Hill here.  Haven't really done much as far as getting prepared, but probably should considering our geographic location!  My feelings on Jersey...hour from the shore, hour from the Poconos, 15 min to Philly, hour and 30 min to NY...can't be in a more convenient location...other than that, I can't stand the taxes and fees and rules and regulations, etc, etc.  If it weren't for so much family near by, I'd be gone.

We moved to Gloucester County from Philly about 9 years ago.  Yes, NJ is a very anal state as far as laws and regulations, but we got a whole lot more house and land than we could have afforded in PA and still be in reasonable commuting distance to my job in Philly.

We would love to be able to live more rural and I would love to work from home at our own business, but at this time and with the economy as screwed up as it is, things will probably have to change slowly for us.

Maybe we need a South Jersey get together sometime!


Hey everyone... Just joined the forum and started listening to all the podcasts... Started my personal preparations in the past several months.  Anyone in Bergen County NJ that might want to have a meetup.  We're all pretty like minded it seems so I am not going to think anyone is Cuckoo...


I am in the East Rutherford area and moved down here several years ago from PA.  I have been looking for a group of people to meet with periodically, compare notes, and learn from one another.


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