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New Jersey - am I the only one?

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Sussex county, on the west border of Wawayanda SP

Heh I was just saying yesterday if SHTF I wouldn't as worried about riots my local community because a lot more people in this county seem to have their S**T together.  Awesome.


--- Quote from: Multimode on March 20, 2009, 05:29:34 PM ---Sussex county, on the west border of Wawayanda SP
--- End quote ---
I'm just north or Warwick, but you probably knew that considering my forum handle. :)

Well then I'm sure we've brushed shoulders a few times at the Warwick farmers market and probably pass your general area coming home from work.

This is my first post here  :) I grew up right near Woodstown but moved to PA a few years ago.  I really miss living there...I was out in the middle of nowhere and it was awesome.  I like PA though and I like the fact that I'm legally allowed to defend myself with a firearm (I have my CCW) but I still miss South Jersey.  Anyone go to Cowtown?

Cowtown -- exit 4 on 295.  I pass it all the time, but haven't stopped.  I plan to make take a drive down there this summer.  What's the best part, so I don't miss it?



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