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New Jersey - am I the only one?

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Am I the only crazy one still living in this horrible state??  ???

The main reason we are here....homeschooling of the best in the country!!

I live in extreme southern NJ. Delaware Bay side. I live in a rural area, my whole township has less than 4800 people in it.

DH is comfortable here. As is DS13. However me and my two DD's (16 and 10) really want out. They aren't into the "home-ies" that the nearest large towns attract.  :(

So anyone else from Jersey???

I used to live there, but moved to PA because of the high property taxes and high cost of homes.

My In-laws live in New Jersey and are hammered by taxes, toll roads, and jug-handle turns.

Talk about being unhappy with the political landscape. The corruption there is epic and evident.

I suspect that an exodus from Jersey has been going on for quite some time. It just doesn't grab the headlines like everyone bolting from CA.

Are you the only one? I doubt it, but I'd bet there's less independent minded people in NJ every day.


Hey Kimber I just found this site and also live in southern NJ. A little north of you closer to Phila. But I am sure glad to be here and find others with like minded ideas on the current climates.

We are so close to moving!! Something happened today that has really brought it to a head and I actually have DH talking with me about potential places  :) Now to decide where......


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