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Hey, fellow yurter! Nice yurt. I'm in the middle of making one for myself.

This is a picture of one of the supports holding up the yurt to get an idea what these look like. They are just sitting on the ground. The picture is taken through wire mesh (hardware cloth) that surround the yurt to keep animals from living under the platform:

As you can see from this picture, the yurt is not on level ground. These structures holding up the yurt are no longer 100%
straight vertical. You can see from the eye that there is an ever so slight angle to a few of these supports towards the downhill. Other still seem straight however. It can get very muddy in here in the spring, though more to the left where the driveway area is. I am going to have my neighbor look at it to see what he thinks. I am thinking I might have to get some kind of a jack to straighten some of these out at some point. It doesn't seem to bad currently, but it might be good for my piece of mind. The platform was built 5 years ago by a contractor. He indicated that the circular shape of the platform has extra strength

Also, there is black plastic sheets around much of the uphill side and on the side where the picture is which you can plainly see. I put it there to kill of Japanese Knotweed because it was growing there. The site was a landfill at one time and that is why it was growing there probably. However, I may leave the plastic sheets because I read someplace that things of this sort can help reduce the risk of frost heaves in the ground which can disrupt structures. There is no plastic on the opposite side or on the downhill side

 The slant actually may look worse in the picture, I am not sure if this is part of an optical illusion because when I was looking at them last Halloween, it didn't seem so bad.

 could I just use a car jack and a board on the ground shimmied to be close to level to jack up parts of the structure and try to straighten out the supports ? 


 I feel a little more worried thinking about it now, I tend to be a worrier at times .. There is not a ton of weight or heavy furniture in the yurt but if it concerns me if the supports are not perfectly straight and I feel I should do something about it soon. Hopefully I can do it by myself with a jack which seems doable

 I am also concerned about long term because I was looking at sites about decks which have similar issues and with the ground shifting it seems like it could keep happening and does it reach a point where it starts to have other problems because things have shifted alot from the original places where the supports where ?

This web site for instance mentions that for decks if too much shifting happens, eventually the deck may need to be replaced:

 The yurt platform is kind of like a giant deck

 Maybe I should try to add additional supports instead of just trying to raise the deck up and adjust the supports that are currently there. Moving the supports that are there means they will want to resettle again and I am in effect destabilizing the existing supports. Having extra supports might be a good idea since the ground is slanted as well. I would have to buy a bunch more footings at home depot or someplace along with pressure treated wood and head up there next weekend or around thanksgiving. I also need to figure out with nearly 100% certainty how to I cut the wood with a cross cut saw so they are perfectly square. I think I just use a square and pencil a line. I think they also sell plastic things that make it easy.

Digging into the ground could be problematic though is a possibility for some parts. I have been having a problem with my knee so that moving alot of concrete could also be a problem. Carrying alot of heavy weight effects my knee. Maybe I should consider hiring someone to install a few below the ground supports in a few places ? The downhill side has more room to get in there and work. Even if there was just a few more stable supports would that have the effect of stabilizing the platform better for the longterm ?


 I think what I would do is get several more concrete footings and wooden supports. I would measure the best I could the length of support I need for any particular section. Then I would jack up that area with a car jack and try to fit in in there. If it ended up being a bit loose I would use thin boards to shim it on the bottom or top. I would bring 1/2" and 1/4" thick boards to use as shims.

Good luck.
I'm currently trying to fight the condensation problem in our yurt. Other than that, it's a great place to live.


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