Author Topic: Petrol Vehicle help thread for a Newbie(s)  (Read 1329 times)

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Petrol Vehicle help thread for a Newbie(s)
« on: January 17, 2011, 02:04:11 PM »
Hey ya'll, Solarfed here. How about creating a 'vehicle basics' thread to help newbies like me? I can't speak for all the others on the forums, but I am betting that there are others out there like me. I have owned a couple of vehicles in my life, but it has been 7 years since I owned my last car. I have been biking & public transiting it since then (I do use Zipcar, look it up.)

I was thinking it would be neat to get all the info & ideas forum members have into one thread; to make it easier like newbies like myself to make the 'right' or 'best' decisions when it comes to buying a new/used vehicle.

Seems like there are a few purposes to have a car.
::Daily Driver note: I am looking to make my DD also a BOV.
::Work Truck/Car/Motorcycle/Other
::Purpose Built (e.g., tractors, tow trucks, plow trucks, etc)

Then there are types of fuels.
::Propane, CNG, Steam, Etc.

There there are the handy details.
::example: [brand] truck had a easily rustable frame between the years 19xx-20xx.
::example: [brand] company's vehicles last forever with maintenance
::example: The [model] car isn't a good fit for anyone taller than 6 feet.

...and so on.

What do you all think?