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Ramen Noodles

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The Spamburglar:
havent really seen anything about ramen in the forums but decided to buy and store some because it can make any combination of common foods taste so much better. There are some great websites too with many ramen recipes like ......i would pry stay away from the ramen desserts......

For storage i vacuum sealed them in packs of 8. I also punched a small hole in each bag to help remove excess air from the bags. they seem to seal great.

I realize ramen isnt the healthiest food out there but you cant tell me they dont taste great, and if you dont add the flavor packets its basically just really cheap noodles.

cant go wrong at 10 cents a pack!

Did you have any trouble with crushing them with the vac sealer?

Mom of 7:
I bought some Ramen noodles thinking they would be great survival food, especially for my children.  However I decided to do some trial runs with them, going along with the "store what you eat, eat what you store" mentality.  My children would not eat them.  I made them a bunch of ways, as directed, then with cheese.  Nothing would make them eat them.  I think that knowing ahead of time what your kids will eat, is important. I'll continue to store them however, because my husband and I and my 18 y/o son will eat them and they are so easy to prepare.

I love Ramen.  Best time to stock up on them is now, as the kids are going back to school.

Ramen.... so yummy.... must have more.


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