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Jeff Dillard:
Our Foodsaver brand vacuum sealer is starting to give out after 3-4 years of service. As I'm typing this, I can hear my wife using it in the other room and using language that would make a sailor blush. Now the dog is getting scared.......

I've heard Jack speak of a Cabelas model several times on the podcast, but unsure which model he is referring to. I am of the mindset "Buy Once, Cry Once" so I'm not opposed to forking over more money for a quality machine.

What make/models are ya'll using. What would you recommend for medium, heavy use? Most of our meals are sous vide based, so we use ours a lot.

good first post  ;D

I have been using Food Saver brand so that won't be much help.  Years ago I did a bulk order on bags so I have not been in the market.  Often Cabela's rebrand other mfg sealers.  I had started to look at Weston Pro series years ago before I decided to go 'cheap' due to my low use of the hardware.

Jeff Dillard:
I was a member here long ago but couldn't even figure out what email/username I used back then, plus I've kinda given up on the whole anonymity thing and just been posting under my real name everywhere to keep things simpler.

You know, I've gotten really good use from my foodsaver so I may just buy another one of those. I wouldn't mind having one that works better and faster though.

I think I replied on another thread... anyway, I'm not sure what Jack uses, but Tammy from recommends this one:

It's a bit pricy, but would probably have a stronger suction and stronger seal.

I've also had great luck with my little foodsaver -- had it well over 10 years and still going strong. As I mentioned in the other thread, the key is to not store it in the closed position...

I have the Freshsaver handheld sealer. It works very well for me. It will seal jars with the jar adapter and no hose or it will seal vacuum bags that come in quart and gallon sizes.


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