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Help, can't understand my new oven!

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Thanks everybody, and can I toss another question into the playpen, namely what exactly does the vague instruction "Preheat Oven" mean on various food cartons and wrappings?
The instructions don't tell me two essential things-
1- At what temperature setting should the oven be preheated on, full blast or what?
2- For how long should it be left to preheat, 5 minutes, 10, 15 or more before putting the food in it?

In fact why are there any preheat requirements at all, why can't we just put our food into a cold oven and then switch it on and add about 5 mins to the suggested cooking time to take into account the fact we haven't preheated?

yes, for many items you can just put it in and let it heat up and add extra time.  casaroles, baked beans or frozen meals, for example, you can do this. 

But, for baked goods, the oven needs to be at the baking temperature before you put the food in.  SO, you turn the oven on while you mix up the cake.  It is the first thing you do.  You set the temperature to the baking temperature, for example, 350'F.  How do you know when to put the food in ?  Well, usually the oven has a light or some indicator that tells you it has reached the temp., my toaster oven beeps once when it has reached the temp. In my big oven, since the thermostat is a bit off, I have a dial thermometer in there so I can check. 

what MM said...
The oven is the same thing that Jack has talked with chef Snow....Professional cuisines have very powerful cooking appliances cos when you place the pot/pan on top the performance/temperature drops cos the food&pot draw too much calories to heat up. That just prolongs the cooking time.
But the reason doughs etc need preheating is that the hotter the oven, the lower the pressure is. that helps doughs raise.

BTW an added benefit to a convection oven is that you can cook more than one pan...

Thanks muchachos, like I said this cooking business is more complicated than I thought.. :-\
For example something else has just come up- I recently bought a couple of loaves of bread and popped them in the fridge so they'd keep longer, but now I've seen on the net that putting bread in the fridge is the worst thing you can do because it makes it go off quicker, groan...



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